• Attention SW Portland’s Women Who Are 35 years old or more?


    The Battle of The Love Handles Is About To Start.

     Team Gloria vs. Team Carlos


    • If you are sick and tired of struggling to lose weight, trying countless diets and exercise programs that just don’t work to give you the body you want……Then, take a moment to read this page. It might be the most important page you will ever read. Here, you will discover the most powerful and effective fat-melting and muscle toning training program. No matter how many times you have failed or tried to lose weight, this amazing challenge will get you into incredible shape that LAST!

    • With traditional training and workout methods over 95% of people who lose fat gain it all right back again.  Our team is going to help you be part of the 5% that lose fat, tone up and never gain the weight back again.

    • The Battle Of The Love Handles focuses on fitness and nutrition (through Nutrition Coaching and Team Personal Training) and has a strong focus on attaining personal goals, whether it be weight loss, fitness or regaining your self confidence. There will be 2 teams with the common goal, fun group challenges and workouts, all aimed at bringing like-minded people together to support each other in a fun and motivating environment.

    • The Battle Of The Love Handles will get you into amazing shape, you will build tremendous amounts of confidence. You are going to be unstoppable. (You are going to be so confident, life is just going to seem much easier for you).

    • A confident person is very sexy, more successful, and in control of the direction of their life. Confidence helps us achieve and do things most could never even dream of.


    dailyweighin-fit-middle-aged-woman-exercise-650x400Learn more on how get ready for battle, The Battle of The Love Handle, by simply clicking here. You will not only get instant access to schedule a no obligation consult/meet up with one of our expert personal trainers but you will enter to win a bodywork massage by Lone Oak Bodywork Massage. You are going to be working out hard, but smart. And your body needs a little R&R in order to function at it’s best. So, we give you a massage during your program to make sure you are taking good care of yourself!

    • But first we want to make sure you are ready for Battle. So schedule a no-obligation FREE consult/meet up with one of our expert personal trainers….Click Here or call 503-504-1886

    Woman wearing boxing gloves hitting training mits man is holding.Here’s What You Get When You Join The Battle Of The Love Handles:

    • Weekly Group Training Sessions – You will get weekly group  training sessions (that include circuit training, boot camps, boxing, yoga and more) supervised by your expert TTN Personal Trainers, who will coach you towards the body of your dreams as FAST and safely as possible.  (Because of this supervised intense training, you’re going to notice changes in your body in the very first 2 weeks. But, don’t worry it’s go at your own pace. We can modify for any fitness level.

    • Motivation – This is why most programs fail. But, not here! We engineered our challenge to be in teams, so you can motivate one another. PLUS, your expert TTN Personal Trainer is going to motivate you every single workout, bringing out the best in you. You are going to be excited to workout, as your body gets leaner, toner, and into killer shape.  (Without this external motivation, it is EXTREMELY difficult for most people to get into shape.)

    • Guidance – No more I just go to the gym and have no idea what to do. Or, I think I know what I’m doing, but for some reason “I don’t have the body I want” excuses. During your Workout your fitness coach will guide you every step of the way, making it super EASY to lose fat and tone up your entire body.

    • Instruction – You don’t just get a “personal trainer” you get  Fitness Coaches who will show you EXACTLY how to do every exercise SAFELY and correctly.  That’s the TTN Fitness Studio experience! We keep an eye on you from every angle.

    • Support – Your TTN Fitness Coaches will give you mental, physical and emotional support that is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL in making consistent progress. Whenever you need us, we will be there for you. (When most people start an exercise program on their own they quit within 30 days… we’re here to make sure this DOESN’T happen to YOU.)

    • Accountability – Showing up is half the battle. Your coaches will make sure you show up to all your workouts, making it inevitable for you to get into mind-boggling shape. (This is the area where most people need help with and we are here to give it to you).  You may find us sitting next to you in restaurants unbeknownst to you!

    • Nutritional Instruction and Program – You’ll learn which foods help you burn fat and tone muscle and which foods you must avoid.  We give you an easy to follow plan and your coach is going to even show you how to eat out at restaurants.  Your personal trainer is going to make eating healthy so easy, that fat is literally going to melt off your body. Our nutrition program is realistic and easy to follow. No starvation diets (we don’t believe in those.)

    • Fun Workouts – If you like something, you are going to keep doing it.  Your team battle challenge experience are going to make your program fun and exciting.  You are going to love your workouts.

    • Massage – you are going to be working out hard, but smart. And your body needs a little R&R in order to function at it’s best. So, we give you a massage during your program to make sure you are taking good care of yourself!

    • Injury Screening and Pain Relief Session – WAIT, how does this fit into a fitness program? Well, the reality is that most people have a few minor bumps and bruises from life that can keep them from enjoying a fully active life experience. Well, at TTN Fitness Studio , you get access to our medical network (including physical therapist, accupuncturist and other specialties) who can screen you and make sure you are on the path to feeling your best and getting the most out of your body.


    trx group 1During this team battle you will discover the magic of team training towards a common goal.  Get that lean waistline you have been struggling with all year long.  Feel incredible when you get that dress with more sex appeal for your next dinner outing.

    Make heads turn at your amazing slim waist you achieved in only 3 weeks!

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