• Are Your Golf Clubs Not Driving The Ball Far Enough? Drive 40 More Yards Off The Tee- Injury Free


    Technology has not worked to lower golf scores…

    Conditioning the player lowers handicaps.

    The club isn’t playing the game… YOU ARE!

    Having worked with several competitive golfers most of them struggled with the same issues. My most common findings in golfers are: •Low back pain •Elbow pain •Wrist pain •Lack of flexibility •Postural fatigue in the last 9 holes •Not long enough drives I am J.Carlos Valdes and it is my goal to help you achieve your full potential on the golf course. It is my purpose to deliver the best fitness, nutrition and lifestyle through thorough assessments and providing you with a personal program design.

    You will never realize your full potential in golf until you take your conditioning program seriously!

    IMG_1144 Are you ready to: •Drive the ball longer •Reduce your chance of injury •Increase your stamina •Decrease your chances of missing shots secondary to fatigue •Come out the rough better because you’re able to drive your club through grass and not lose swing path and ball trajectory •Increase your club head speed

    “After the TTN Golf Conditioning Weekend, I am hitting the ball 25 – 30 yards further and my back feels a lot better. I have never hit the ball this far, ever. TTN has a different, very accurate approach to training. I feel looser and more relaxed when I’m playing. I have also lost some weight, which is a nice extra.” -Testimonial from P. McMillan. (age 45, handicap 16 Portland)

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    Offer expires on June 14th.


    J.Carlos Valdes CPT,
    Licensed PT Asst and Certified Fitness Specialist